Pressure Washing Services

Whether you want to remove dirt and grime caused by air pollution or need to remove unsightly graffiti, our team of professionals have many services we can offer. High pressure washing is used towards helping remove graffiti, clean brick or stone, clean driveways, clean houses, remove lichen, oil, gum, and may even be used to clean rooftops.

Why is it easier to hire a pressure cleaning professional from Fortress Restoration to clean your roofing, building or patio? For one, our team have the right kind of jet cleaning equipment that cannot be bought in the lawn and garden center of a big-box retailer. At Fortress Restoration, we use the Doff cleaning system. This means the water isn’t just pressurised, but heated up to 150 degrees before going through the nozzle. This makes it easier to clean soot, oil, gum, and dirt off tile roofs.

Pressure washing can be a consuming Job: Many homeowners and business owners may not have time to pressure wash their driveways or feel comfortable trying to clean a roof. In addition to having the right tools, our team also have knowledge of how to best clean dirt, graffiti,etc. off. They know how high the water pressure should be calibrated so that brick, stone, and paint is not damaged in the process of cleaning.

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Pressure Washing & Jet Cleaning Services in London and Surrey, work undertaken:


Jet Cleaning Services in London and Surrey   Doff-System-cleaning-Camden-London

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pressure washing stone steps London, before   washing of stone steps in London, after photo

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Patio Cleaning Services in London   Patio Cleaning Services in London

Patio Cleaning Services in London   Patio Cleaning Services in London

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